Salmon Christmas Recipes

Prep and Cooking

Salmon Christmas Recipes

The perfect time for salmon

If there’s one time of year that’s bursting with opportunities to indulge in some of your favourite foods, it’s Christmas. There are just as many situations over the holidays where MOWI salmon fits the bill perfectly – whether it’s Christmas Eve supper, quickly throwing something together for those relatives who choose to drop in out of the blue or a decadent starter for Christmas dinner. When it comes to salmon, we’re proud to say that we really know our stuff. So, since it’s the season for giving, we wanted to share a bit of festive inspiration and tips on how our salmon can really lift your spirits at this time of year.

One fish. Many dishes.

Salmon is nothing if not versatile. Smoked, slow roasted or bought as freshly cut fillets – it makes for an excellent ‘secret weapon’ to have in your fridge, especially at Christmas. The former two options are especially convenient. Full of flavour whether they’re served hot or cold, our ready-to-eat salmon lends itself to simple yet classic pairings. In a sandwich or salad for example. Or perhaps just with baby potatoes and boiled vegetables like carrots, broccoli or green beans. Then of course there’s the classic breakfast pairing of smoked salmon and eggs (sourdough toast anyone?). If you’re hosting a party and are in need of some firm favourites in the way of canapés, salmon never fails to impress. More on them later in the article.

Fresh fillets share that versatile too. Quickly fried up in a pan, in the oven or even en papillote (perhaps with some flavoured butter made and frozen in advance?) – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

‘Tis the seasoning: Practicalities and prepping

Those who are experienced pros when it comes to hosting at Christmas will know that preparation is everything. Salmon is one of those ingredients that really benefits from a little foresight. For example why not marinade or cure the salmon with spices, herbs, zest and sea salt? You could use our lemon, fennel and chilli sea salt rub recipe as a basic guide. Alternatively, simply marinade your fillets in garlic, herbs and olive oil to sit alongside the traditional veg used on Christmas Day.
If you’re looking for an alternative to go with traditional cranberry sauce, you could always make an orange and cranberry version up to a week ahead? That flavoured butter we mentioned above can be easily modified. Add cranberries or a splash of prosecco for a Christmassy twist. Oh, and if you’re not sure about portion sizes, our rule of thumb is generally one fillet per person.


Micro herbs. A little gift.

A dusting of your favourite micro herbs on salmon can really elevate your dining experience. What are micro herbs? Think dill, chervil, chives, basil and parsley – the kind of thing that most supermarkets will stock in the veg section. As well as adding an extra dimension to the flavour of your dish they create a bit of all-important visual impact too. If you can’t find micro herbs just look out a bag of rocket or mixed salad leaves and pick out the small leaves for garnishing (you can always use the rest of the leaves for a salad or sandwich the next day). If you find you’ve got leftover rocket, why not add any spare leaves to a pasta or fold into a bowl of rice? You can just use it like you would spinach – it adds a deliciously peppery note!

Another thing you can do with leftover herbs is to make a flavoured herb oil. Just blitz your remaining herbs with a pinch of salt and a little oil until smooth. These can be stored in the fridge for up to a week and either splashed over your salmon or used as a salad dressing (perhaps with a little lemon juice mixed in?). If you’re really in the mood to show off you could even drizzle your oil around a plate to add that restaurant touch to your starter or main course.

We should probably take this opportunity to mention spices too. Again, good spices are key for that extra je-ne-sais-quois. Our go-to options would be; cracked black pepper, pink peppercorns, cracked toasted fennel seeds and ground paprika. Then of course there’s zests; lemon, limes, orange, grapefruit. Perfect for fans of zingy freshness and easily achieved with just a grater and some elbow grease.

MOWI’s Christmas recipe inspiration

… And now on to the recipes! Our website’s bursting with brand new taste-sensations that are perfect for the Christmas season. There really is something for pretty much any given occasion. canapés, butters, starters and mains, traditional and unusual flavours – take your pick.

Yes you can…apé

No Christmas would be complete without a few (OK, maybe more) canapés – and what better ingredient than salmon? Dig out your finest platter and practice your balancing. Here’s our recipe for easy smoked salmon canapés three ways:

Just what you need to whet the pre-dinner appetites of your guests where people are ready to eat and keen for a taste of what’s to come. As always, we’re big fans of experimenting so why not switch up the base that you serve your salmon toppings on? Oatcakes make for a super easy last-minute option, blini-style if you have a bit more time or even just cucumber slices for that fresh, juicy crunch.

To your health

Sometimes the indulgence that seems to come part and parcel with Christmas can get too much. We need something more wholesome and it can’t be a matter of indulging 24/7, otherwise it wouldn’t be as special. Regular readers of our blog will already know all about the health credentials that come with our salmon. If you don’t, well… do you know that salmon is a fantastic source of protein? Or that it’s rich in omega 3 (a ‘good fat’ that our bodies use to build brain cells and improve our mood)? Now you do!

Season’s eatings

We hope that’s inspired you to pick up some of our salmon in time for the holidays. We’re sure you’ll find it versatile yet traditional, indulgent yet healthy! We know just how handy it is to have in the fridge. Do feel free to send us pictures of your festive salmon dishes if there’s time to take a few snaps while your guests resist tucking in! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, whatever you’re eating. As the song goes; may it be merry and bright (but most importantly of all – delicious).

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