Healthy Sunday Recipe

Healthy Recipes

Healthy Sunday Recipe

Lentil salad with Thai-style dressing and Piri Piri salmon

Can you spare 20 minutes for something that not only tastes great but is full of healthy ingredients? Of course you do.


  • MOWI Piri Piri slow roasted salmon fillets x 2, brought to room temperature
  • Green lentils – drained and rinsed – 390g can
  • Medium carrot – grated – x 1
  • Sugar snap peas – thinly sliced – 50g
  • Cherry tomatoes – quartered – 120g
  • Spring onion – thinly sliced – x 1
  • Radish – grated – small handful
  • Watercress, spinach and rocket salad – roughly chopped –  half a  150g bag
  • Fresh mint leaves  – roughly chopped – 5g
  • Basil or Thai basil – 5g

For the dressing:

  • Fish sauce – 1 and a half tbsp
  • Lime – juice and zest – 1/2
  • Small red chilli – finely chopped – 1/4
  • Runny honey – 1 tsp


  1. Combine the ingredients for the dressing in a small bowl or jar and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the lentils, carrot, sugar snap peas, onion and radish. Add the dressing and mix thoroughly, ensuring all the vegetables are coated in the dressing.
  3. Arrange the salad and herbs on two plates or pasta bowls. Divide the lentil salad between the two plates and flake over a portion of MOWI Piri Piri salmon over the top of each bowl.

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