The MOWI way of thinking

How do you know what makes for the tastiest, most nutritious salmon? Well, with 50-plus years of experience in raising them we’ve come to learn a thing or two about that. We know that the stronger the fish, the more nourishing and palate-pleasing our salmon becomes. Think of it this way – we take care of our fish so that they take care of you.

It’s not all about goodness for the fish and our customers though, it’s crucial that we’re sensitive towards the Scottish environment that we work in too. The world needs safe, nutritious food that doesn’t deplete our precious natural resources or cause irreversible damage.

To put it simply… Salmon is good. MOWI is Goodness.

Friends enjoying Mowi salmon

How do we take care of you?

By offering exceptional quality salmon


MOWI salmon are handpicked and prepared, so only our best makes it to the supermarket shelf in our clear ‘nowhere-to-hide’ packs. How can you see the quality? Easy. The fresh pink colour and firm texture are real giveaways.


There’s no need to smother an already great taste in strong flavours. Whether it’s the masterful work of our kilnmasters to produce smoked salmon slices or our perfectly portioned natural salmon fillets – there’s just no hiding MOWI salmon’s deliciousness.


Salmon is one of those rare foods that ticks both boxes of tasty and healthy. Every fillet of MOWI salmon is high in Omega 3, so much so that we even included the omega symbol (Ω) in our name. In addition to this, Omega 3 is a ‘good fat’ that our bodies use to build brain cells and improve our mood. Find out more about how eating good, can make you feel good with Mowi salmon on Good Mood Food 

Mowi salmon farms in a Scottish loch

How do we take care of our salmon?

Not all salmon are equal – and welfare has everything to do with it.

Food for thought

Atlantic salmon tastes good but MOWI salmon is a cut above. This is because of the natural and uniquely nutritious food we raise our fish on. It’s the job of our farmers to make sure each fish gets enough of the good stuff.

Respecting the needs of the fish

The RSPCA set very high standards for the welfare of animals and fish are no exception. They need to be nurtured and able to express innate behaviour. We’re regularly checked by RSPCA’s independently certified farm assurance scheme and are proud to meet  their standards.

The right environment

The cool, wild waters of Scotland’s west coast breeds strong swimmers amongst our salmon. Raised in clear waters, our farms strive to exceed the Marine Scotland guidelines and requirements.

Scottish loch

How we care for the planet?

Caring for our salmon means caring for the environment too.

For MOWI, taking our environmental responsibilities seriously is a given. That’s why we ensure that we don’t make a permanent impact on sea water or the Scottish seabed.

In fact, when compared to red meat, fish farming has a significantly lower impact on the environment in its use of carbon and water.

We’re proud to be able to say that our efforts have won us an independent award for the world’s most sustainable producer of protein – beating all other meat, fish or dairy suppliers.