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High standards

We care for our salmon, raising them to the highest standards to make sure the salmon on your plate is as safe and healthy as it is delicious. We also care about the environment we raise them in. All our feed is 100% sustainably sourced, our fish have room to roam, and they’re reared to high standards of fish health and wellbeing.


Sustainability & environmental care

How we care for the planet

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously so that we don’t make a permanent impact on the surrounding ecosystem. The world needs safe, nutritious food that doesn’t deplete precious natural resources or cause irreversible damage.

Our salmon live in harmony with nature and MOWI are the only salmon company to raise, prepare and pack our own salmon in Scotland.

Raising fish has to meet regular and high standards, just like any other meat or dairy product. At MOWI, we go one step further by being the only team that takes care of every variable (weather permitting) that impacts the end quality of the salmon. We constantly seek verification that we are doing the best we can.


Verified by independent experts

Pioneers in raising salmon, we care for every stage of our salmon’s journey. Our certifications are the best proof of our ongoing efforts to meet and maintain the high standards that are recognised by independent organisations.


The independent Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) sets tough global standards that have been advised by a range of scientific and environmental experts, as well as community stakeholders. MOWI is the first Scottish brand to meet these strict ASC standards on farm-raised salmon in Scotland. It recognises MOWI as being environmentally responsible through providing a high level of care for the sea, 100% responsible feed and great fish welfare.

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Coller FAIRR

MOWI has been independently named ‘The Most Sustainable Protein Provider in the World’ by Coller FAIRR for 5 consecutive years. Our delicious salmon has retained the top spot as overall best against poultry, dairy and red meat, as well as other fish and salmon producers. This gives you the confidence that every mouthful has been nurtured and prepared with care for the environment.

*MOWI ranked #1 in the 2019-2023 Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, a comprehensive assessment of the largest animal protein producers on critical environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

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Fish welfare is a huge priority to us and we work to ensure our salmon are nurtured and able to express natural behaviours. We’re proud to work with the RSPCA to make sure our salmon are raised to their high standards. We’re regularly checked by their independently-certified farm assurance scheme.

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Organic salmon doesn’t cost the earth

MOWI organic salmon are raised in stunning Scottish surroundings with the upmost care. Raised in accordance with the Soil Association and fed with organic feed that is 100% certified and traceable, MOWI Organic Salmon Fillets and Organic Smoked Salmon Slices are fully traceable and regularly independently audited to ensure responsible use of the environment.

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