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When it comes to MOWI salmon, you can expect superior quality in every bite. Versatile, delicious and healthy, there’s something for everyone. Savour the wonderful colour, texture and taste we’re known for.


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Ready to eat

Delicious salmon convenience, ready to eat, hot or cold. Our Slow Roast Piri Piri Fillets are pre-cooked to lock in the succulence, while our Rich Smoked Salmon Slices have been masterfully dried, cured and smoked for deep flavour.

Ready to cook

Discover quality options to level-up your midweek meals and serve up fine feasts. Our versatile Fresh Salmon Fillets give you the perfect ‘chefs cut’ portions, while our expertly paired Bistro bakes take away the prep-work, letting you dine fine in no time.

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100% certified, our organic salmon is carefully raised in accordance with the Soil Association on fully traceable organic feed in the waters of Scotland’s West Coast. We work in harmony with the environment to produce our delicious Organic Salmon Fillets and Organic Smoked Salmon Slices.

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About our products

The MOWI Promise

When it comes to the quality of our salmon, we don’t compromise. We hand-pick only the very best fish for colour, marbling and texture. Processed fresh to give you that authentic taste.

Scottish salmon is known for being a cut above when it comes to premium quality and taste. Raised in the cold, remote sea lochs of the Scottish West Coast, Scottish salmon has distinctive taste, provenance and nutritional value. We like to keep things local by smoking and packing our salmon near Edinburgh.

From sea to plate, everything we do ensures that our MOWI Salmon Fillets and Smoked Salmon Slices reach you at peak authentic freshness. Our salmon is freshly prepared after being caught in Scotland so that we don’t ship or fly it great distances to ensure that your salmon is as fresh as possible. We also don’t freeze our Fresh Fillets or Smoked Slices as we want to give you the best texture and taste experience.

Our salmon is an excellent source of Omega 3, that’s why we proudly use the symbol (Ω) in our logo. This ‘good fat’ helps our bodies build brain cells, aiding cognitive capabilities such as memory function.

Fish farming is endorsed by UNESCO as a sustainable way of raising healthy, delicious Scottish salmon while meeting exceptionally high standards of welfare. We also meet the highest standards that make us ASC certified.
We’re also committed to our environment and are aware of the need to reduce packaging material. Our plastic packaging is currently over 60% recycled and we are constantly looking for ways to make ourselves more sustainable.

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