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Why go pescatarian?

Positively Pescetarian

Thinking about making a change for the better but not sure where to start? Many choose to try a no-meat diet for a change but there are alternative ways to eat healthily without having to completely revamp your cooking repertoire. Take it from us, going pescetarian can be a slightly easier option in terms of getting a well-rounded profile of nutrients and dodging the learning curve. Yes, salmon can lend itself to indulgent foods but it also fits perfectly into a healthy-eating regime for a balanced diet. But perhaps the most important aspect is that salmon has so many benefits, meaning you’re even more likely to keep it up in the long run

Why go pescatarian?

It’s not just about being able to easily cook something versatile and delicious though (as if that wasn’t enough). Salmon comes complete with particularly strong nutritional credentials. Regular readers and MOWI salmon fans will know all about the idea of ‘good mood food’. That is, food that can help support brain function and your mood because of its abundance of the fatty acid known as omega 3. Not only that but salmon is high in protein – the body’s ‘building block’. Exactly what you need after going hard in your crossfit class (or any other given exercise for that matter).

That idea of something ‘better’ doesn’t necessarily only refer to ourselves either. Going pescetarian can make a huge impact on reducing your carbon footprint too. There’s a number of reasons for this. On our side of things, we use less feed for our salmon than that of other options you might find in the supermarket (we’re looking at you, cows!). That’s not all, we actually use less water and land than red meat producers do too. So by choosing to go pescetarian, you’re doing your bit for the planet too.

Almost-zero minute meals

Those who are particularly stretched for time can always take advantage of our ready to eat options.

Like our slow-roasted salmon fillets. Perfect for popping in your bag and taking to work for lunchtime or tucking in to after hitting the gym. That’s 180g of mouth-watering salmon, infused with succulent piri-piri or honey flavour. All at just 159 (honey) or 189 (peri peri) kcal per portion. Again, each one comes with all the incredible nutritional benefits that you get with all MOWI salmon and can be quickly added to a variety of dishes. When your dinner’s ready this quickly there’s little time for other temptations

Breakfast with half a bagel or scrambled egg – not just for xmas day but can be a practical nutritious way to start the day

If it’s classic smoked salmon slices you’re after – we’ve got the goods. Uncommonly smokey and firm in texture, it’s not often that the phrase ‘melt in the mouth’ goes hand in hand with healthy ingredients like this one. Ideal for adding to salads, pasta, blinis, oatcakes or just as a quick snack on its own. Just look for the transparent pack (there’s nothing to hide when it comes to MOWI salmon!) with easy-to-serve slices. You might be happy to know that two of our smoked salmon slices amounts to just 99 kcal! Not bad at all for some lean ‘new you’ nourishment.

30 minute meals

So, how to get the best of this good mood food? Well, cooking it for yourself of course. We mentioned how healthy, versatile, and easy salmon is to cook – but did you know just how quick it can be to throw together a delicious salmon-based meal? Our go-to recommendation for those who’d rather not spend the time on a complicated recipe is to cook your salmon en papillote. That’s ‘in the bag’ to any non French-speakers out there. The method is easy, simply take your salmon fillet, place it on a piece of foil, add your marinate or ingredients of choice, wrap it up and pop in the middle shelf of your oven for about 20-25 minutes. One of the beautiful things about this method is that you can experiment with marinades – a wedge of lemon or lime, pesto, sriracha sauce, rosemary, dill… the list goes on and on. Experimentation is highly encouraged. The other upside to cooking salmon en papillote is that you can get on with the rest of your meal while your salmon is in the oven. Brown rice for an extra-healthy carb to pair with your fish perhaps? Or maybe simply some leafy greens if you’re going super-lean with your food? The choice is yours.

It’s a keeper

So if you’re looking for a way to improve your diet that’s easy, not to mention nutritious and delicious – this might just be it. No need to completely re-learn a stack of recipes that are restrictive in what you can include. No need to forego great-tasting dishes. No need to feel like you’re only taking part in a month-long ‘health kick’. Just tasty, healthy, feel-good food. What’s better than that?

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