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Easter Salmon Recipe Ideas

Light, fresh, succulent and versatile. As a food, salmon fits perfectly with the beautifully bright days of springtime. It’s a time of the year that the whole world comes alive and, in our humble opinion, there are plenty of opportunities to bring salmon into the mix.

With a little planning, preparation (and a good measure of inspiration) you can easily make the most of some delicious Easter salmon dishes.

Easter Breakfast Ideas

Start off your Easter celebrations in style with some Scottish salmon. You don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to create something delicious. We have a range of breakfast or brunch recipes that are easy to prepare, and even easier to make disappear.

If you’re an avocado fan, why not try a classic eggs royale and avocado hollandaise – topped with MOWI smoked salmon slices of course. Or for a spicy kick, you could give smoked salmon, baked avocado and spiced egg a go.

Bagels and mornings are always a great match. We have an indulgent recipe if you want to enjoy yours MOWI-style. Or you can create your own morning masterpiece by layering up some delicious MOWI salmon slices with your other favourite toppings and condiments.


Easter Lunch & Easter Dinner Ideas

Then it comes to the main event. Easter lunch or dinner is a chance to gather your nearest and dearest. And as a lot of these recipes allow you to prep or make in advance, you’ll be able to make the most of it.

You could kick things off on a good foot with a salmon-starring starter. We’d suggest a simple, shareable grilled salmon and roast beetroot salad (don’t forget the spiced balsamic glaze for the pièce de résistance).

For your main, why not buck the trend of serving up the usual lamb or chicken and go for a beautiful piece of baked Easter salmon?

A creamy salmon, leek and potato bake makes for a mouth-watering centrepiece. By pairing succulent salmon with the crust of lemon and pine nut, you’ll create an amazing layer of extra texture with a satisfying crunch.

If you want to keep things simple but still delicious, a roast vegetable tray bake with crème fraiche dressing is just the ticket.


Easter Buffet Ideas

If you’re putting on a celebratory spread, salmon also makes a perfect ingredient for some tasty finger food.

Top of that recipe list would have to be smoked salmon and asparagus quiche. Pairing superior salmon with this snackable staple is a dream duo. It also travels well in tupperware and tastes just as good when cold, so can fit perfectly into any al fresco picnic.

Then there’s the option of lemon ricotta tarts with smoked salmon. They’re unbelievably easy to put together and a great, sharable addition – not to mention they’re full of show stopping flavour.

For something with a little more spice, give chipotle and lime salmon skewers a go. Easy to prepare beforehand, you can get everyone involved in assembling them, then just pop them in the air fryer.

And we can’t forget the original buffet star – sausage rolls, but with a twist. This Easter-ready recipe for spicy salmon and red pepper sausage rolls is an excellent recipe to have up your sleeve to impress.


Easter Seasonal Recipes

In the mood to strike out on your own, sans-recipe?
Buying Easter seasonal ingredients is always a good way to shake up your repertoire with some different textures and flavours. Rocket, purple sprouting broccoli, watercress, wild garlic and jersey potatoes are all at their best come this time of year – and all of them pair with salmon in their own special way. If you like the sound of these ingredients but aren’t sure what to make, you can always browse our salmon recipes page for more info.

Get everyone involved

If you’re a parent who’s always looking for new ideas to entertain the kids, especially through the holidays, getting them involved in the kitchen is an excellent idea. Not only will they be (hopefully) engaged and helping out – they’ll be picking up valuable skills and knowledge too. Why not try something like scrambled eggs and asparagus? Just a little smoked salmon goes a long way, plus it’s quick, easy and healthy. Not that you have to tell your kids that. If this isn’t up their street you could always try this wonderful fishcake recipe or even our take on the humble blini.


Keeping healthy habits going!

If you turned over a healthy new leaf at the start of the year and are keen to keep the momentum going, salmon is your friend. Packed with omega 3, this humble long-chain fatty acid punches way above its weight in terms of health benefits. Great for the heart, great for the head, great at adding an extra layer of protection against conditions such as heart disease, cancer and strokes. Not only that but salmon is an excellent source of protein, the stuff that helps us build and maintain bone and muscle! So, alongside the Easter eggs, head to your local supermarket’s chilled aisle for some nutritious MOWI goodness.

Trying out one of our recipes? Great. We’d love to see the results. Feel free to share them with us on our social channels. Happy Easter all!

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