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Make it a MERRI MOWI occasion

If there’s one time of the year that’s bursting with opportunities to indulge in your favourite foods, it’s Christmas.

The season sets the stage to bring family and loved ones together for some quality time and quality dishes. And when it comes to quality, look no further than our award-winning MOWI salmon.

MOWI freshly cut fillets deliver all the indulgence that festivities call for, with the bonus of feeling a bit healthy too. Perfectly portioned in ‘chef’s cut’ style, they make cooking and serving up impressive, restaurant-quality dishes effortless – giving you more time to enjoy the festivities. And if you fancy something different, our slow-roasted piri piri fillets are ready to serve with just the right kick of spice.

MOWI smoked salmon slices can take any dish up a level, especially when it comes to festive canapés or an extra special breakfast. Thanks to our unique packaging, they’re easy to separate without any faff or rips, always delivering superior flavour. That’s why they’ve been taste-approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute 2023.

A feast of options

One fish, many dishes. Salmon offers plenty of ways to please everyone and it is a great option if you want to redefine some classics with Christmas salmon. A versatile guest, that will fit in with any taste or occasion, MOWI salmon can take a starring role in a range of festive dishes – from delicious appetisers that set the tone for an unforgettable meal, to a show-stopping table centrepiece.

Delicious salmon leftovers

If you’re lucky enough to have some leftover salmon after the celebrations, the feast can continue by following our easy recipes.

What do I pair with salmon at Christmas?

Elevate your seasonal dishes by pairing them with sides and sauces that allow the salmon flavour profile to shine.

Citrus zest

Bright, zesty flavours can add a refreshing element to a richer dish.


Fresh herbs like dill, thyme or rosemary work well. Try serving your salmon fillets with a herb crust or herb-infused butter sauce.

Flavoured butter

A flavoured butter can really add some decadence and bring out the flavours of salmon, especially if they contain some citrus or garlic. If that sounds tasty, why not try one of our easy butter recipes.


Not just for turkey. The tartness of cranberry pairs well with the richness of salmon for a great festive twist.

Roasted vegetables

Simple, yet effective. Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, or asparagus provide a hearty and colourful accompaniment to your salmon.

Champagne or sparkling wine

To drink, the effervescence of both can cleanse the palate between bites and add the necessary celebratory touch.

If all that inspiration has made you hungry, you can get set for a truly tasty Christmas by picking up MOWI Scottish salmon from Sainsburys, Tesco, ASDA, Ocado  or Amazon Fresh.